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2 Legit 2 Kiss
Plump up the jam with this perfectly pink set of long-lasting lip creams. Get dibs on 4 highly-pigmented, gorgeously glossy shades to take your look from bland to booyah. Lip Cream Colors:  DON’T SPEAK LIP CREAMWANNABE LIP CREAMREAL LOVE LIP...
Bare With Me Matte Liquid Lipstick
Three words: make it matte. Get that chic AF look with this perfectly nude matte liquid lipstick. Swipe it on for a super smooth, transfer-proof pout that lasts.
Boogie Down Berry Lip Sleeping Mask
A leave-on mask that restores smoothness and leaves lips hydrated and hella soft during the day or overnight. Its super smooth application, pink shiny finish and good-for-you ingredients are a total win-win.
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Don't Speak Lip Cream
Shhh, this highly pigmented, bright pink, glossy lip cream is the 411. Feel hella cute with this long lasting, vegan, and totally vibey shade.
Escapade Lip Cream
An ultimate, gotta-have-it lip cream with explosive shine that feels as good as it looks. Long-lasting, hydrating, and hella sets-y—meet your new favorite shade.
Fallin For You
This is how we smooch it. 2 mattes and 2 glosses! What can be more PERF for this Fall season! The Fallin' For You kit is coming in with a BANG this season!  Lip Colors: BARE WITH ME MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICKWHERE'S...
Fantasy Lip Cream
A sweet mix that makes one seriously fly color? Nude and pink. Creamy and hydrating, this hella perfect, go-to shade is made with vegan ingredients.
First Time Lip Cream
The perfect neutral shade made with a long-lasting, creamy, and hydrating formula? Say less! This hella gorgeous color makes any look totally bangin.
Freak Me Lip Cream
OMG, this sweet unique shade glides on easily to leave lips looking bright, luminous, and glossy while lasting hella long —a total win-win.
Get In Line Lip Liner
Get in line with this brown lip liner! Outline all your fab shades of Jadah Glam and watch those lips pop!
Groovy Lip Duo
Smoothen, soften, and sweeten your lips with this strawberry exfoliating sugar scrub. This scrub gently exfoliates and conditions, leaving lips feeling hella fresh. Use this as a first step before applying your fav lip color or before bed to wake...
Heartbreaker Lip Cream
Oh, snap! Give your pout a juicy pop with this brightly pigmented, vegan lip cream made to match any mood or vibe. This hella long-lasting formula hydrates and moisturizes.
Hey Suga Lip Scrub
Kiss those dry, flaky lips goodbye, baby! This lip scrub is loaded with lip-lovin ingredients that gently buff away dry and flaky skin, leaving your lips totally soft + kissable. It’s the perfect exfoliating step before any lewk.
Honey Lip cream
Honey, this sweet shade hits different. Meet your new go-to lip nude. Long-lasting, hydrating, and moisturizing.
Hot Glam Summer Lip Kit
You don’t wanna sleep on this lip kit set, bestie. We’re giving you 4 sunkissed shades with a hint of shimmer and a ton of shine… all in one go-to summer set. Perfect for just chillin or high-glam vibes, this...
Hypnotize Lip Cream
Sicker than your average lip cream. What’s better than a long-lasting, vegan, cruelty-free lip cream? A hypnotizing long-lasting bright red hue! 
Juicy Lip Cream
Gettin’ juicy with it. This brightly pigmented, hella sets-y, red lip cream gives total main-character vibes.
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Kiss Me Baby One More Time
This sets-y little number features four ultra-moisturizing, highly-pigmented lip creams, with perfect picks in pink and nude. Lip Cream Colors: DON'T SPEAK LIP CREAM ESCAPADE LIP CREAM FIRST TIME LIP CREAM HONEY LIP CREAM ✔ Cruelty-Free ✔ Vegan
Nothin’ But A Lip Thang
Take a major chill pill. These four long-lasting neutral lip creams are the perfect set for laid-back looks or high-glam vibes. Rock ‘em day or night.  Lip Cream Colors:  FREAK ME LIP CREAMFIRST TIME LIP CREAMPONY LIP CREAMHONEY LIP CREAM...
Oh She So Frosty Lip Gloss
Meet your go-to light shade. Oh She Frosty! Whether you’re chillin, rollin with the homies, or rocking high-glam vibes. TBH this shade is so fly.
OMG, Becky. Look At Her Lips.
4 long-lasting lip creams. 1 epic kit. Give your pout a juicy pop with brightly pigmented, moisturizing lip creams in 4 hella gorgeous shades of red and pink.  Lip Cream Colors: HEARTBREAKER LIP CREAMHYPNOTIZE LIP CREAMJUICY LIP CREAMPOISON LIP CREAM...
Poison Lip Cream
Add a pop of pink poison to your lewk with this brightly pigmented, moisturizing, cruelty-free lip cream. Long-lasting, hydrating, and vegan.
Pony Lip Cream
OMG, the perfect shade doesn’t exis-. Rock this moisturizing neutral lip cream day or night for any vibe—issa major flex, babe.      
Real Love Lip Cream
It’s the perfect-pink lip cream for us. This highly-pigmented gorgeous go-to shade takes your look from bland to booyah, made to last and shine.
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