Purple Haze Eyeshadow
 Celebrate the magic of color with our Purple Haze duochrome eyeshadow. This captivating shade transitions from a deep, sultry purple to a mesmerizing shimmer, creating an alluring look that demands attention. With its blendable formula and long-lasting allure, Purple Haze...
Pinky Winter Eyeshadow
Amplify your eye game with our Pinky Winter eyeshadow – a stunning duochrome pink shade that captures the essence of the season. This versatile eyeshadow transitions from a soft, dreamy pink to a mesmerizing icy hue, adding a touch of...
Frosty Midnight Eyeshadow
Experience the enchantment of Frosty Midnight – a captivating duochrome blue eyeshadow that mirrors the mystery of the night sky. This spellbinding shade effortlessly transitions from deep midnight blue to a shimmering, icy hue, offering endless opportunities for creating mesmerizing...
Jadah Glam X Carlie Lash Cluster Kit
Step back in time and unleash your inner Y2K diva with Jadah Glam X Carlie Cluster Lashes! Designed for the modern glam enthusiast who adores a hint of nostalgia, these lashes are your secret weapon for channeling the iconic early...
Polar Platinum Eyeshadow
Elevate your eye game with our Polar Platinum eyeshadow – a shimmering silver sensation that adds a touch of icy elegance to your look. Dive into a world of dazzling possibilities as this high-pigment eyeshadow glides on effortlessly, creating a...
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